Electroluminescent devices

A transparent, self-healing and high-k dielectric for low-field-emission stretchable optoelectronics [link]

Soft sensors for proprioception

A bending sensor insensitive to pressure: soft proprioception based on abraded optical fibres [link] [video presentation]

Inflatable soft manipulators

Model-Based Pose Control of Inflatable Eversion Robot With Variable Stiffness [link] [pdf]Payload capabilities and operational limits of eversion robots [link] [pdf]

Electroactive Origami

A soft active origami robot [link]

Mechanics of instabilities

Instabilities in dielectric elastomers: buckling, wrinkling, and crumpling [link]Dynamic pattern of wrinkles in a dielectric elastomer[link]Giant voltage-induced deformation of a dielectric elastomer under a constant pressure [link] [video]The mechanism for large-volume fluid pumping via reversible snap-through of dielectric elastomer [link]

Dielectric elastomer actuators

A Soft Jellyfish Robot Driven by a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator [link]Bioinspired soft actuators for eyeball motions in humanoid robots [link]Experimental characterization of a dielectric elastomer fluid pump and optimizing performance via composite materials [link] [pdf]

Research Videos

NUS feature on thestretchable, self-healing electroluminescent device for application to next generation displays and soft robots

I presented my work on low-cost bending sensor based on off-the-shelf fibre optic cables in IEEE Robosoft 2020 that was held online.

Reuters feature on soft electroactive origami robot